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Welcome to Malcolm Hill Associates - The Art of Sound. We hope you are as passionate about ultimate sound quality as we are! We design, develop and manufacture entirely in the UK and take great pride in establishing a connection with our distributors to deliver the best in customer support, product reliability, and quality assurance.

If you would like to follow us personally on social media, we release updates on product development and sneak peaks of equipment in a variety of venues.

With 50 years experience of continuous manufacture, and with well over two hundred venues actively using Malcolm Hill Associates products just in the UK, rest assured that Malcolm Hill Associates is a secure choice. A company that cares for its products personally creates a whole new level of synergy between our products and our customers. We design and build our products for a long life of service - in fact, several decades is quite normal, so a five year warranty is just where Hill product reliability starts. We also happily service products for many years after manufacture has discontinued.

If learning about us interests you, then please contact one of our distributors to arrange a 'live' demo.

Thank you again for sharing your interest in Malcolm Hill Associates. With a more personal approach to our products and company culture, we offer so much more than just premium audio.

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Malcolm Hill - Chief of Design

The backbone of Hill's product line in recent years has been Self-powered, fully modular (M), fully scaleable speaker boxes able to deliver un-precedented levels of sound and logistic efficiency. Fuelled by class A/B amplifiers designed and manufactured entirely in the UK, these products are built to last and outperform. Range includes subs, monitors, and full range cabinets.

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The Hi-Z™ branch of speaker enclosures pioneer the use of selective impedance speaker configurations coupled with specifically designed cabling and amplification. Huge power supplied to remote cabinets with class leading results. Couple this with Chameleon™ topology class A/B amplifiers and the result is the absolute best in audio quality. Range includes flying subs, line arrays and infill.

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World renowned for the Chameleon™, Hill brings over fifty years of knowledge back into the studio world with the S-series. This carefully selective range will include cabinets and mixing aids using all the benefits of power, precision and performance. The S-series brings Truesound clarity in the studio environment to allow premium final results.

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