Low-end Extension

The M10 Compact Line Array is a powerful performer from 20kHz down to 100Hz. Introducing the M10LFX, which extends the M10 Array performance to a full bandwidth 30Hz-20kHz. A classic Hill taper-reflex designed cabinet provides home for a 2200 watt 18" neodymium sub driver in ultra compact format. Remote powered for maximum control options, and powered by the HZ 4000 amplifier.


The HiZ M10LFX can achieve 5 angle positions when coupled. This provides an excellent startup angle beforeworth of dispersion alterations vertically with a carefully fabricated rear ‘link-and-pin’ system. Coupled with the simple yet sophisticated rear mechanism, the HiZ M10 boasts an elegant solution to heavyweight box hangs. The HiZ M10 system can be hung with either M10FLY125 ( 6 box maximum ) or the M10FLY450 ( 24 box maximum ).



A loudspeaker system is only as good as the amplifier driving it. Hill M-series use Chameleon™, the world renowned high power studio spec amplifier technology, originally developed in the '90s. The classic Chameleon Total-Symmetry, Linear-Drive Circuit Topology guarantees effortless power with unsurpassed sound quality.


The M10LFX boasts a single 18" neodymium sub driver, capable of 2,200 watts. Carefully tuned to compliment the M10 array perfectly with an extremely tight response coupled with taper-reflex design gives the product huge power capabilities.


Hi-Z Systems


The Hill Hi-Z™ system uses a high impedance speaker configuration, together with specifically designed cables and optimised Driver Processing Unit to deliver an extremely high damping factor. This guarantees the output waveform remains true to the drive signal.

Typical Systems


Low damping allows unrestrained cone movement, resulting in significant misshaping of the driver output waveform.


One of the most valuable aspects of the M10 system is the lack of crossovers within the audible spectrum. As shown on the chart, most typical speaker systems lose some frequencies due to requiring moving to another driver. The M10 avoids this by using extremely effective drivers which provide excellent performance throughout the Audible Clarity Spectrum thus there is no need to move to another driver.



Black and white as standard. Custom colours available on request. Please ask your distributor for more information.


Technical Information

Frequency Response : 30Hz - 100Hz +/- 4dB (DSP dependant)
Maximum SPL : 139dB 1
Power Handling : 2,200 Watts 2
Configuration : remote-powered low frequency extension enclosure
Directivity : Horizontal - 140°
Vertical - Configuration variable
Enclosures per drive unit : 1 Hi-Z 2000 : 2 Hi-Z 4000
Internals : Single Neodymium 18" sub driver.
Taper-reflex cabinet design
Connector spec : Industry standard 8 pole connector x1 3
Dimensions : Height: 600mm
Depth: 450mm
Width: 700mm
Weight : 37.5 kg
82.6 lb
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
    3 Use Hill Hi-Z spec cabling only. Refer to user manual for more information.
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