The Art of Sound

In a modern touring environment, the demand for a compact, powerful sound system is at the forefront. The Hill M-Series range has already established itself as a compact, lightweight but powerful system. But what sets Hill apart is the dynamic, ultra-linear musicality - giving the engineer the blank canvas to create an immersive sonic experience. M12 is absolutely no exception to the Hill system philosophy, but expands the possibilities for a compact Line Source system. Each M12 delivers a staggering 2,200 Watts (AES) and a hang of 16 extends from 60Hz - 20kHz, whilst producing 145dB SPL. All from a module just 237mm tall that weighs just 32kg. That hang of 16 weighs in at just 512kg and 3.6m high.

Rigging Refined

The M12 simply takes touring to a whole new dimension. Fast, simple rigging enables rapid deployment with minimal get-out time. Cabinets hang vertically when flown, until the compression hoist moves all modules into their pre-selected angles. System design, prediction and angles are selected using the ACT app.


Cable Cleanliness

A challenging element to touring in general; cable management. The HiZ M12 is equipped with a cable bay to dock HiZ cabling safely, and away from potential damage.


Road Ready

A HiZ M12 module is constructed from premium grade birch plywood, with a weather protected, impact resistant paint finish fit for the trials of touring. Four handles allow for a two person lift with plenty of tolerance for easy line up from box to box.

Musical Mechanics

Four 8 inch Neodymium drivers provide an unparalleled range and power. A Hill trait dating back to the legendary M6 cabinet, is the wide-band midrange, delivering incredible smoothness in the vocal range. Above 2.5K, and up to a remarkable 20K, dual neodymium compression drivers on a defined aperture diffraction waveguide ensure a seamless wavefront providing a genuine 120 degree dispersion pattern.


System Solidarity

At the heart of the matter is the Hill HiZ4000. With its studio legacy, Chameleon-derived linear topology, and ground-breaking selective impedance technology, the Hi-Z 4000 delivers a class-leading damping factor even with cable runs of up to 20 metres. This amplifier can drive 2x M12 modules Bi-Amped, or 4x M10 modules. Hill's proprietary DSP system processor, with connectivity to AES67 and Dante digital audio networks, allows a complete M12 system to be set up in beautiful detail. M12 works seamlessly with the MS218 to extend LF performance below 80Hz, and continues to deliver the same linear punch that Hill is renowned for worldwide.


Hi-Z™ Systems


The Hill Hi-Z™ system uses a selective impedance speaker configuration, together with specifically designed cables and optimised Driver Processing Unit to deliver an extremely high damping factor. This guarantees the output waveform remains true to the drive signal.

Typical Systems


Low damping allows unrestrained cone movement, resulting in significant misshaping of the driver output waveform.


One of the most valuable aspects of the M10 system is the lack of crossovers within the audible spectrum. As shown on the chart, most typical speaker systems lose some frequencies due to transferring to another driver. The M10 avoids this by using extremely effective drivers which provide excellent performance throughout the Audible Clarity Spectrum thus there is no need to move to another driver.



Black and white as standard. Custom colours available on request. Please ask your distributor for more information.

Technical Information

Frequency Range 60Hz - 20kHz +/- 4dB
Maximum SPL 145dB 1
Power Handling 2,200 Watts 2
Configuration remote-powered 2 way compact line-array loudspeaker enclosure
Directivity Horizontal - 120°
Vertical - Configuration variable
Enclosures per drive unit 2 Hi-Z 4000
Internals Quad Neodymium energised 8" drivers [MF]
Dual Neodymium energised compression driver. 44mm rigid polymer diaphragm [HF]
Two way Defined Aperture Diffraction HF waveguide
Connector spec Industry standard 8 pole connector x1 3
Dimensions Height: 237mm
Depth: 315mm
Width: 1042mm
Weight 32 kg
70.5 lb
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
    3 Use Hill Hi-Z™ spec cabling only. Refer to user manual for more information.
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