Setting the Stage

Taking stock from the M1 lineage comes an ultra compact, remote-powered, multi-application enclosure - The M5HZ. Primarily a wedge monitor, the M5HZ includes core features from M1, including the flexibility of flying and pole mounting, all easily configurable from the one box. A two way remote-powered monitor, the M5HZ is extremely low profile, ensuring maximum discretion on stage with maximum power output.


Although speaker systems have seen huge progression through modern live audio, the humble stage monitor has remained a timeless addition to professional audio. Original Hill monitors have been praised time and time again as a contributing factor towards one of the worlds most famous concerts - Live Aid 1985. This legacy continues today through the M5, albeit in a lighter and smaller form factor - capable of pole mount, front of house, floor wedge, or flown.



HiZ amplifiers are the touring successor to Chameleon; one of the most highly respected studio amplifiers of all time. The Total-Symmetry, Linear-Drive topology coupled with lossless cabling and intelligent cooling guarantees effortless power, sound quality and reliability. Using its revolutionary high impedance design, one HiZ 4000 can drive 4x M5 enclosures with over 4 kilowatts of power up to 35 metres with minimal waveform distortion.


Modern speaker technology has dramatically improved power to size ratios in recent years The “voice’ of an M5HZ derives from two high-efficiency Neodymium energised, 17 tesla 8” inch drivers, coupled with an incredibly accurate compression driver and conical waveguide. The results are an honest 90 degrees dispersion seamless from 50Hz - 3kHz. No crossover transitioning, no anomalies, and no restrictive DSP.



As a remote-powered cabinet, the M5 boasts extremely low height for an optimised view of the stage and being incredibly lightweight for discreet and simple application.



Even with the progression to In Ear Monitoring, the humble stage monitor remains a necessity in various professional audio applications. Original Hill monitors in a custom white finish are front-and-centre in the footage of Live Aid 1985 (and featured in the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Movie.) This legacy continues today through the M5, albeit in a lighter and smaller form factor - capable of pole mount, floor wedge, or flown.

Hi-Z Systems


The Hill Hi-Z system uses a high impedance speaker configuration, together with specifically designed cables and optimised Driver Processing Unit to deliver an extremely high damping factor. This guarantees the output waveform remains true to the drive signal.

Typical Systems


Low damping allows unrestrained cone movement, resulting in significant misshaping of the driver output waveform.

Technical Information

Frequency Response : 50Hz - 18kHz +/- 4dB
Maximum SPL : 136dB 1
Power Handling : 1200 Watts 2
Configuration : remote-powered multipurpose floor monitor
Directivity : 80° x 60° (Dependant on orientation)
Enclosures per drive unit : 2 Hi-Z 2000 : 4 Hi-Z 4000
Internals : Dual 8" coplanar Neodymium energised drivers [LF/MF]
Polymer diaphragm compression driver [HF]
Conical dispersion HF waveguide
Connector spec : Industry standard 8 pole connector x2 3
Dimensions : Height: 276mm
Depth: 427mm
Width: 466mm
Weight : 18 kg
39.7 lb
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
    3 Use Hill Hi-Z spec cabling only. Refer to user manual for more information.
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