The Ultimate Monitor

The MS0 is a self-powered, self-contained, one box solution for small venue, hall PA and satellite environments. A straightforward cabinet with simply incredible internals - A custom designed, Chameleon spec class A/B amplifier module coupled with toroidal power permits a Neodymium charged driver the purest waveform which is replicated flawlessly. A built in variable flange on the base of the cabinet, and threaded lifting points provide the user all that is needed to Compact satellite speakers are used in a wide range of applications, from small hall PA, to large system 'in-fill' and 'delay'.


A stage monitor at heart, with a built in variable flange for pole alterations without concern for additional converter parts. A considered set of rated flying points permit a wide variety of options for installation and speedy gig setup.



All Hill speakers are equipped with the finest in driver and amplifier technology, with the MS0 being no exception. The heart of which features a fully custom Bi-amp Chameleon topology Total-Symmetry amplifier module, capable of pushing an honest 600 watts of power into a combination of a single premium 8" Neodymium driver and an ultra clear compression transducer.

Quality Seal

As technologies become more advanced, the art of speaker design is becoming more of an industrial process than careful planning. Hill speaker designs combine the best of art and technology; from development, to prototype to finished product. All Hill products are engineered with the finest quality plywood, metals, and componentry, and our confidence in design is backed by a lengthy warranty; on top of which, continuation of support further than product discontinuation is a standard practice.


Technical Information

Frequency Response : 50Hz - 20kHz +/- 4dB
Maximum SPL : 130dB 1
Power Handling : 600 Watts 2
Configuration : Self-Powered 2 way (bi amp) compact loudspeaker enclosure
Directivity : 90° Conical
Internals : Single 8" coplanar Neodymium energised drivers [LF/MF]
Polymer diaphragm compression driver [HF]
Connector spec : powerCON in
powerCON out
XLR input
XLR output
Dimensions : Height: 510mm
Depth: 356mm
Width: 270mm
Weight : 23.4 kg
51.58 lb
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
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