Versatile power

The M1 cabinet legacy has gone through a variety of alterations in its time which have improved versatility, sound quality, and reliability.

The MS1 takes this to new levels with a completely new set of drivers and design parameters. MS1 is a professionally constructed - truly multi-purpose, self powered speaker, which makes the most of its Neodymium energised 8" drivers.

Further design modifications have allowed the MS1 even more punch and power in exactly the same size format as before. It is constructed with premium components and delivers outstanding performance. All the best selling aspects of the original M1 are maintained, but with the addition of more flying options and more style. Coupled with its innovative, adjustable angle, speaker stand system, the MS1 is an ideal addition to any system, and promises to make an audio setup come to life.


Stage monitor, local fill, stacked, flown or pole mounted front of house, the MS1 is an ideal addition to any system. A built in variable flange permits speedy angle alterations in pole configuration without concern for additional converter parts. The MS1 also features a variable angle system to allow 20 and 30 degree tilt in a matter of seconds. For flown applications, the MS1 comes equipped with three vertical M6 threaded points, and four for horizontal flying.



On the inside, the MS1 has an uprated Chameleon topology Total-Symmetry, Ultra-Linear monobloc amplifier module which was originally developed in the 90's for premium studio applications. This module is capable of generating an effortless 1200W (peak) output at incredible clarity.

Driver Technology

As per previous design parameters for the M-1, the MS1 revision should pack as much power as physically possible for a product of this format. The latest specification MS1 benefits from two 8 inch Neodymium drivers, which allow impressively deep low end and a general increase of performance across the board. The compression driver, coupled with conical waveguide generates incredible and uninterrupted clarity.


Technical Information

Frequency Response : 50Hz - 18kHz +/- 4dB
Maximum SPL : 136dB 1
Power Handling : 1200 Watts 2
Configuration : Self-powered multipurpose floor monitor
Directivity : 80° x 60° (Dependant on orientation)
Internals : Dual 8" coplanar Neodymium energised drivers [LF/MF]
Polymer diaphragm compression driver [HF]
Conical dispersion HF waveguide
Connector spec : powerCON in
powerCON out
XLR input
XLR output
Dimensions : Height: 460mm
Depth: 410mm
Width: 380mm
Weight : 23.4 kg
51.58 lb
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
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