compact, self-powered subwoofer, single-15

For a compact stage design, the MS115 can go where the MS218 or MS118 just can't. A dimension smaller than the MS118, but still with impressive capability, the MS115 is a self-powered sub that can be installed practically and discretely, or taken 'on tour' using the detachable wheel dolly. Internal drive power comes from the ultra-linear, studio specification, world renowned, Chameleon technology amplifier. With the classic Hill taper-reflex design and a servo-tight, 20 Tesla/m 15 inch driver permitting minimal box volume, the MS115 delivers exceptional performance and deserves its place in the Hill subwoofer range.

Turn it on.

Each unit accepts a +4 dBu balanced input via 3 pin XLR male and female connectors, and collects power via Neutrik PowerCON connector. The product features a simple yet easy to read signal / peak light system on the rear, and can be powered in.



As standard in all actively cooled Hill products, Overblast technology is a pro-active dynamic cooling system which enables the fans in this product to never remain on full when audio is silenced.


Hill provide a smaller sized subwoofer using the classic Hill taper-reflex design. The cabinet houses a premium 15" ferrite driver where box volume has been carefully designed to allow mimumum size with maximum impact. Combining this driver with Chameleon ultra-linear amplification provides a tight, precise, wide-band LF experience. The combined result is honest kick drum punch, rumbling bass guitar notes and keyboard depth with equal assurance.


Absolute Precision

The MS115 - incredible low frequency control and can be configured in a variety of formats to minimise back-stage and off-site spill. The MS115 isn't limited by internal DSP, enabling it to provide maximum consistent impact.

Pure Style

Among its class, the MS115 form factor is small but extremely impressive. Being only 43.8cm tall enables it to sit perfectly understage, or double stacked for even more power. Couple this with considerately designed handles and pole mount and you have the ideal touring sub.


Technical Information

Input Impedance : 20K
Input Sensitivity : +6dBv
Frequency Response : 30Hz - 120Hz +/- 4dB
Maximum SPL : 133dB 1
Power Handling : 1,400 Watts 2
Configuration : self-powered tapered reflex sub bass loudspeaker enclosure
Directivity : Format controlled
Internals : single ferrite energised 15" sub bass driver / Chameleon total linear power amplifier
Connector spec : powerCON in
powerCON out
XLR input
XLR output
Dimensions : Height: 438mm
Depth: 480mm
Width: 682mm
Weight : 39 kg
  • 1 Measured pink noise calculated to 1m (average concert level -12dB)
    2 Specified as the maximum instantaneous undistorted RMS power.
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